Hakuna Mata-Tee

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Almost every kid (and most adults) has seen the Lion King and is familiar with the phrase 'Hakuna Matata'. For those who haven't, the phrase is in 'Swahili', an African lingua franca and literally means 'no worries'. Very little of the good stuff about Africa gets covered in the mainstream media rendering most outsiders' perception of Africa a little bit one-sided. This can be discouraging to the good people of Africa and those around the world world who love Africa, want to help her and have witnessed her beauty and hospitality. This t-shirt is a playful way of declaring that no matter what negativity people may say, it really doesn't matter because he who feels it knows. It's about taking control of the narrative and choosing to smile regardless. (PS: currently only avail;able in kids' sizes, adult orders can be arranged, get in touch)