About Us

About Afroteez
Afroteez is an Afrocentric urban lifestyle brand specialising in Africa inspired urban/street fashion. We are also an online marketplace that proudly promotes the creative expression of African identity and cultural consciousness via three channels; fashion, art and music.

Our platform is open to other like-minded designers, creatives and entrepreneurs who are looking for wider opportunities to reach a diverse audience. Together, we unashamedly promote the Motherland's untapped essence through authentic African designs, arts and crafts. Our aim is simply to make it cool to identify with Africa, especially for those in the diaspora. We are sons, daughters and friends of Africa - a conscious collective motivated by a desire to see African creativity blossom. We fully represent Africa and our movement draws inspiration from passionate Africans past and present such as Thomas Sankara, Brenda Fassie, Akon, Strive Masiyiwa and Fela Kuti to name a few.

Africa is the Future! Let's restore momentum to the notion of Africa Rising and work together to leave an everlasting legacy. 
Belvin M Tawuya