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Preserving every ounce of one’s African-ness is a duty several expats have taken on. For many, wearing “African” wax print is a means to not only affirm but also reinstate their identity in foreign lands. For others belonging to the Old African diaspora, flaunting a Kente head wrap or strutting a fabulous ankara (commonly called in Nigeria) maxi skirt becomes a means of identifying with Africa. However, the authenticity of our beloved “African” fabric comes into scrutiny when discussing the historical origins and commercialization of these products. During the 1800s Indonesians used a wax resisting dyeing technique for pattern making...

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Ethiopian craftsmanship is perhaps best displayed by the country’s traditional clothing that combines cotton fabrics with strips of hand-embroidered multi-coloured patterns. During special events such as weddings, guests adorn ‘Habesha’ clothing as they are referred to. Egla Yetnayet Negussie But they are expensive for most people, with some of the priciest garments selling for 15,000 Birr (US$730). Additionally, urban youth who want to keep up with global fashion trends also choose not to wear traditional clothing on regular days. Fashion entrepreneur Egla Yetnayet Negussie, however, hopes to make Habesha clothes an everyday choice. She runs ES Collections, a fashion business focusing...

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As a safari hot-spot and area of breath-taking natural beauty, Zambia is perhaps overlooked when it comes to cultural heritage and the arts. But the country produces some of Eastern Africa’s most stunning textiles, leathers, art and crafts. Handmade by skilled artisans in rural areas and sold in the capital of Lusaka, Zambia’s traditional design demonstrates the richness the of nation’s culture. Here are ten places to buy Zambian products in-country. Tribal Textiles  Tribal Textiles Situated next door to Zambia’s celebrated South Luangwa National Park, Tribal Textiles has an enviable reputation for innovative textile design and contemporary home furnishings. Established...

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