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Ethiopian craftsmanship is perhaps best displayed by the country’s traditional clothing that combines cotton fabrics with strips of hand-embroidered multi-coloured patterns. During special events such as weddings, guests adorn ‘Habesha’ clothing as they are referred to. Egla Yetnayet Negussie But they are expensive for most people, with some of the priciest garments selling for 15,000 Birr (US$730). Additionally, urban youth who want to keep up with global fashion trends also choose not to wear traditional clothing on regular days. Fashion entrepreneur Egla Yetnayet Negussie, however, hopes to make Habesha clothes an everyday choice. She runs ES Collections, a fashion business focusing...

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Africa Investment, African Fashion, Business in Africa, Opportunities in Africa -

In 2013 Russian entrepreneur Evgeniya Khromina relocated to Kenya to set up Panâh, a luxury fashion production house. She and her co-founder, Persian fashion designer Morteza Saifi, were previously based in New York, one of the ‘big four’ fashion capitals of the world. Saifi had worked with some of the world’s leading brands for over two decades and was looking for “other challenges that would create social opportunities for people”. “The ethical trend was picking up in the US… We started looking at several places in the world, [including] Haiti and Bolivia, where we could set up an ethical fashion...

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