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The Southern African nation of Botswana is facing one of the most testing economic times in its history. The country, globally known for its prudent fiscal and resource management over the last 49 years of democracy, today is looking at an uncertain future as its core earner – diamonds – struggles to sell on the global market. Botswana’s diamond industry currently contributes 35% to fiscal revenue and the industry contributes around 20% to GDP. This makes the diamond industry – mining, cutting and polishing, and sales – the most important economic activity for the country. It is for this reason...

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Sorry to disappoint but girls don't really run the world and I'm not moved by the pseudo-militancy of that whole single ladies/independent woman movement as championed by Mrs Jay-Z…or is it Mrs Carter? perhaps Sasha Fierce or Yonce?…whatever! OK, I've got a strong feeling I probably sound like I've had a whole bowser of hatorade right now so I'm gonna stop - cos I actually have something positive to say about Destiny's Child's leading lady. The news is that Beyonce has just released her 5th studio album. Now that in itself is not necessarily remarkable, until one considers that she has...

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